Bar Code Systems

Bar Code Systems

A bar code system is a suite of software and hardware equipment which contains readers, computers with dedicated software, bar code printers and the connecting infrastructure, which is made to automate data collection and printing. There are numerous advantages to using bar code systems, as they reduce operational time, increase data collection efficiency and accuracy, at a very low cost. Bar code identification can be used at all levels of activity in a company, ranging from the identification of raw materials and supervising production cycles to stock checking and monitoring, warranty management, real time tracking and identification of services.

We provide consulting for our customers in order to choose the bar code system which is the most cost effective and which best meets their needs. We offer maintenance services for the newly-purchased, as well as existing equipment, ranging from printers and barcode scanners to infrastructure. Also, together with our customers, we estimate the necessary amount of consumables and recommend them the ideal solution, which is suitable for their field of activity.

Netland Computers is also offering barcode label printing services for its clients, ensuring competitive prices while using its own equipment.

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