A Special Gift

Winter Holidays are over and we concluded 2018, which we see as a good year. Perhaps the dearest moment of the past year is an altruistic one. It is the one in which Netland and Newline made a gift to the children of the Alexandra House, part of the humanitarian organization Concordia.

House Alexandra is a day care center for children coming from families in difficulty, from the poor neighborhoods of Ploiesti. The center offers a hot meal, after-school educational programs for children, support for finding a job for their families, information upon how to live a healthy life, psychological counseling and support for access to public services.

Since we believe that education is the most effective thing to do in order to reduce poverty and all the connected shortcomings, what we did was to give the Center a set of digital educational tools.

We are talking about a Newline interactive monitor and the mozaBook Classroom educational software package that complements and optimizes the learning process through simulations, 3D animations, presentations, manuals and online tests. This way we came to meet the efforts made by House Alexandra’s teachers, because children can now understand more easily phenomena, notions or different processes. And, obviously, teaching line becomes more attractive.

The effect was immediate.

“Children are fascinated and look forward to these activities; for example, in the first days they watched with the psychologist some thematic films, then, together with social pedagogues watched documentaries or danced while watching choreography on the interactive monitor. During the choir hours, children could see the lyrics of the songs on the screen and followed the lady at the piano. Thank you very much for this gift and we will come back with more details as we discover them, “said Valentina Ion, Prahova Program Director at Casa Alexandra.

The first step being made, the next one is to develop this collaboration. In the months to come, Netland Computers representatives will visit the day center and will support presentations and courses aimed at familiarizing both teachers and children with the various facilities offered by these digital tools. We hope to bring a drop of light into the heart and mind of the little ones and help them on their way to a better life.

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