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Gonzales Mecanică de Precizie is part of the Gonzales French group and it produces one-off or small series machinery, exclusively custom made. They are used in various fields, from the rubber industry to the nuclear power plants. Gonzales’ activity is known all over the world due to its quality and precision. The factory in Ploiesti exports 90% of the production and tends to 100% occupancy degree.

About the Company:

Occupied area: 10,000 sq m

Number of employees: 52

Turnover (2016): 10 million EUR


Str. Sat Cap Roșu, Comuna Florești, county of Prahova

Current situation:

At Gonzales, each order is unique and the project management, as well as the collaboration between the parties involved, are essential. In order to manufacture one machinery the company uses an average of 1,000 items that are either designed and manufactured internally, or ordered from external suppliers. That’s why the flow of information is huge; each order generates thousands of documents, with changes and versions, that are sent by email, being stored and used at various times. Therefore, the project tracking and the work in collaboration are of paramount importance for the success of each project.


The project started with an analysis of the existing situation, conducted with Netland Computers. The company was using Microsoft Office 2010, but the need was obvious to upgrade to modern versions of the Office suite. Economic calculations have shown that the migration to cloud, to Office 365, and the subscription payments, were a more advantageous option. Therefore, the decision was obvious.

Thus, in 2016, with Netland’s support, Gonzales’ users migrated to Office 365 Business Premium. Access to the Office Suite from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone), online editing, and 1 TB storage space per user were clear benefits from the start.

“Office 365 helps us be better in what we do and achieve our goals. Without such a solution we would have still used a lot of paper, we would have worked harder and at the risk of errors” said Mr. Ioan Topircean, Technical Manager at Gonzales Mecanica de Precizie.

Work in collaboration has also been optimized by implementing Microsoft Projects Online. The solution allowed easier tracking of projects as well as monitoring the production processes in order to optimize the loading of workspaces and team allocation. Therefore, using Microsoft Projects, the company communicates better internally and externally, and tracks the activity in detail, being able to provide more precise deadlines for the completion of the contracts.

“Microsoft Projects is a unique, high value solution for Gonzales, through which we have visibility on the factory work and the availability for taking new orders. The entire documentation flows easily among users, providing the whole team with up-to-date information. We know exactly what projects are ongoing, what is next, the actual phases and the deadlines. Before that, we used to rely on empirical assessments and we used to offer our customers approximate data. Instead, we are now always fulfilling our promises”, Mr. Ioan Topircean added.

Within the same project, the company adopted Windows 10, that was installed on 60% of the computers. Even if some of them were technically medium-level, they perform well in the new operating system, running more fluently and being easier to manage.

Supported by Netland, Gonzales’ employees continue to discover and implement new functionalities of the installed software solutions and to test, in view of the adoption, other programs such as Skype for Business or ERP solutions.

Implemented solutions:

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Office 365 Suite
  • Microsoft Projects Online


  • Optimizing the collaborative work, increasing the accuracy
  • Reducing the cost of software solutions
  • More accurate terms offered to customers in contract execution
  • Increasing service quality and, by default, the turnover.

Partners in project: