Rhein Vision




Rhein Vision is the largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses in Romania. The company, set up in 2012, started with a single production line, but quickly expanded its capacity so that in May 2017 it was able to install the third production line, based on state-of-the-art technology. The factory can now process an average of 4,000 lenses per day. This evolution is the work of a young and capable team, driven by passion and professionalism, opened for progress in all areas, including technology.

About the Company:

  • Occupied area: more than 1500 sqm
  • Number of employees: approx. 200
  • Turnover (2018): 56,078,218 lei


Ariceştii Rahtivani, Prahova County

Initial situation:

At the beginning of the factory building phase (that was started in 2012) the company was aware of its need to rely on a capable partner in the IT area. Computer infrastructure was among the first elements taken into account during the design phase. The targeted IT solutions and services were those related to the first line of production and the administrative infrastructure around it.


Collaboration began in 2012, when Rhein Vision sought a partner to plan and implement the IT infrastructure of the plant to be built. In addition to proximity, which was an advantage, Netland was able to provide the necessary equipment, along with the experience and knowledge gained in other similar projects.

In the first phase, information on the future production line and the related administrative capacities was collected. Taking into account the fact that any interruption in the production flow would have involved substantial losses, great attention was paid to the design of the IT infrastructure, as well as to the choice of equipment. Component parts, meeting high quality standards, have been purchased from reputable Netland partners.

As the factory continued to grow, Netland Computers covered various technology needs. One example is the barcode system used to track the production stage, identify raw materials and perform the inventory of finished products. These solutions, consisting of readers, printers, plus the related computing technique, have been installed over the seven years of collaboration, for each new production line that was launched. In order to ensure the wireless communication of barcode scanners, CISCO Enterprise equipment was chosen, given the importance of quality and stability for this communication.

This close collaboration brings benefits also from the fact that the IT infrastructure has been dynamically and efficiently adapted to the needs and growth of the organization. For example, in 2018, as the number of users has increased, all the servers in the company’s IT network have been changed, in order to offer higher computing power and storage capacity.

For Netland, Rhein Vision is a special customer. Starting alongside from the very beginning, we have been able, over the years, to implement such technical solutions that have proved to be the most profitable for the company, on medium and long term.

Implemented solutions:

– Network Infrastructure

– IT security, servers, volume licensing (Windows server, SQL, etc.)

– Virtualization solutions, backup solutions

– Office 365 licenses

– Barcode systems – terminals, printers, supplies


  • Ability to quickly and safely deliver IT solutions and services to employees, partners, and customers, through the IT Infrastructure
  • Cost reduction by working in Cloud
  • Multiple data storage, collaboration, and administration capabilities
  • Added mobility, simplifying work with collaborative software solutions
  • Easily tracking the production process, reduced number of interruptions
  • Flexibility and control, security and simplified infrastructure management.

Project partners:

Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, Lenovo, Zebra.


Expansion and update for the IT infrastructure, due to further development of the company.