FIEdu 2019

Last week we participated, again, in the FIEdu International Education Festival, a unique concept in Romania and Eastern Europe, which took place on September 21 and 22, 2019 in Ploiesti. It is a non-profit, creative and accessible event, which encourages collaboration at national and international level, a collaboration through which the latest research and best educational practices in the world become accessible to the Romanian public, to be implemented in schools for the benefit of children and of the whole society.

FIEdu 2019 benefited from the participation of educational experts from Finland, Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Hungary, as well as important actors in Romanian education: decision-makers, school leaders, academics, teachers, parents and children.

Participants at the festival took part in inspirational presentations and discussions, practical workshops, networking sessions and performances. In this context, Netland Computers presented a set of digital education tools – interactive boards and monitors from Newline, video projectors, educational software (mozaBook) and Microsoft educational solutions – which we exhibited at a central stand in the Column Hall, in the Palace of Culture Ploiești.

The mozaBook educational software, which we distribute in Romania as a partner of Mozaik Education, the software producer, was presented in detail in a workshop held on Saturday, 21.09.19 by Prof. Adrian Mehedinți, in the Union Hall of the Palace of Culture.

We were pleased to find an increased interest in the new digital tools for education coming from teachers and children, as well as from the responsible factors belonging to different educational institutions. This is why we are determined to continue to play a serious role in this industry, assisting teachers who are open to approaching modern solutions in the educational process.

Therefore, on the occasion of FIEdu 2019, we offer all interested parties the opportunity to use the the mozaBook software for free, until December 16, 2019. All you have to do is contact us on this subject and we will send you the license code that gives you access to mozaBook resources, including media library (with over 1200 3D simulations and animations), virtual labs, manuals, games and online tests.

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