A Special Gift

Winter Holidays are over and we concluded 2018, which we see as a good year. Perhaps the dearest moment of the past year is an altruistic one. It is the one in which Netland and Newline made a gift to the children of the Alexandra House, part of the humanitarian organization Concordia. House Alexandra is a day care center for children coming from families in difficulty, from the poor...

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Towards a new age in education, through technology

As an important player in the information technology market in Prahova County, Netland Computers wants to make its contribution to raising the level of education through the digital tools it provides for schools and various other specialized institutions. In this regard, we are assisting those teachers who are open to work with modern solutions in the educational process. Therefore we have celebrated Santa Claus in a less conventional way....

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Strongest in Romania

In the current, unpredictable economic environment, businesses are looking for trusted partners to ensure steady growth and compensate the negative factors that affect their development. In this context, we all welcome any initiative meant to help companies choose suppliers or customers with whom they can have profitable business relationships, built on certainty. Strongest in Romania is such a certification, made available by CreditInfo Romania, a recognized leader in the provision...

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DATA PROTECTION – a conference on a current issue

Netland Computers participated as an expert at the DATA PROTECTION – Solutions and Responsibilities conference, which took place on February 23, 2018 at University of Oil and Gas in Ploiesti. The conference came to support the attending companies and organizations to clarify a number of issues covered by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will enter into force on 25 May 2018. The regulation requires companies to...

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First place in TOP IT companies in Prahova

And, finally, it happened! We are ranked on the 1st place among the top performers of Prahova county, for excellent results in 2016, on our field of expertise, Information Technology. On Friday, November 3, 2017, we attended the Gala of the PRAHOVA TOP COMPANIES, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Prahova, at Sky Center – Grand Ballroom. We received the diploma from Mr. Aurelian Gogulescu, Chairman...

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Netland Computers Top IT Prahova
Netland Mozabook Romania

mozaBook – Software for digital education

School started and, with it, the concern about education. In a world where youth training is a pervasive challenge, hardware and software solutions for education make it easier for teachers to work, increase the attractiveness of the taught subjects, involve students more, and bring satisfaction to their parents. MozaBook complements the usual tools of the educational process through simulations, 3D animations, presentations, manuals and online tests. The information transmitted...

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Online payment by credit card

Netland Computers offers its customers the ability to pay online, by credit card, for the traded services or products. We work with a well-known and widely used platform in Romania and we guarantee the security and speed of payment for any type of product or service we offer. Please contact us for details on this payment facility.

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ANTIVIRUS Emergency Kit

The recent large-scale ransomware cyber-attacks (e.g. WannaCry – May 12, 2017) and the prospect of repeating them on an ever-increasing scale (e.g. Adylkuzz, to a greater extent) have led us to make a kit containing some recommendations to protect you against such threats. ON THE PC Always update both the operating system and any other software installed on your computer. Use a spam filter and delete any suspicious email....

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Change of identity. The visual one.

Because we are always ahead with the technology, we have decided that we must also be abreast with the new trends in visual identity amongst the IT companies. For this reason, we went through a rebranding. We asked our partners, Marketminds, to provide us strategy and implementation. And this is how we present ourselves lately:  

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Netland Computers Team 20 years

Celebrating our 20th anniversary

In 1996 we started out as a small computer assembler and marketer company. Plus installation, troubleshooting, well… all that was needed. There were the years when the World Wide Web was still a concept, and Google was a research project. In the 20 years that have passed since then, we have kept our passion for IT, following the emergence and development of new technologies. But most importantly, we have...

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