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Do your work efficiently, mobile and fast. With Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of familiar software tools that are ideal for any company. They provide the possibility to access, edit, store and share documents, to use the email for business, agenda management, contact management, video conferences and many other facilities. Everything in the cloud, with mobile access, permanently, from any device, through the internet. In short, all the important tools you need to grow your business are at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

Legalization and standardization of licenses: convenient and flexible.

With Office 365, users don’t have to pay anything in advance and they are within legal boundaries at any time, without so much investment. Licensing is based on a monthly subscription, adapted to the number of users and the resources they need. Thus, costs are predictable and they adjust to the dynamics of the organization. In addition, the subscription provides permanent access to the latest software, at no extra cost.

Safety without additional investment

The platform for emailing, messaging, intranet, or document storage and sharing requires, in the classical version, investments associated with IT infrastructure, physical servers, software licenses and data backup, dedicated spaces protected against burglary or power outages, configuration, maintenance and energy costs. With Office 365, all these are guaranteed, with uninterrupted operation, for at least 99.9% of the time.

Simple, productive and manageable

Communication, sharing and access are much faster with Office 365. Users can achieve more in less time. This releases resources that can be dedicated to business-specific activities. In addition, the flow of information is 100% controllable, access for each employee or collaborator being set up by the individual rights, in order to secure data transfer or storage. Office 365 does not allow compromises in the organization’s IT security.

Simultaneous access from 5 devices

As a user, you can use a PC, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone in parallel at home and in the office. Perhaps at some point you will have to access your documents or email from a fifth device – such situations may happen at any time. With Office 365 you will not have problems: you can access all the tools simultaneously from 5 devices, and you will have 1 TB of storage space and 50 GB of message space available to each user.

Remote real-time collaboration

No matter how dispersed your team is, whether it is in the same building or spread throughout the globe, its activity will not be affected. You can collaborate on edit the same documents, share plans, or quickly organize HD video conferences, that you can also record, with Skype for Business. You can do the same with your collaborators or customers, wherever you are, from any authorized device.

Simplified configuration and management

Office 365 is easily manageable, beginning with choosing the most suitable and convenient solution for your organization, continuing with software configuration and data migration, and establishing users and their rights. Along with licensing, Netland Computers assists you in all these stages, and we provide technical support as well, so you can focus on the really important activities for the development of your own business.

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