We have received the Excellent SME certification

Excellent SME is a business performance certificate issued by Bucharest Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in partnership with COFACE Romania. It is granted to small & medium enterprises that prove to be safe to do business with, and sustainable on the Romanian market.

The fundamentals for certification are the company assessment report and the daily monitoring performed by Coface Romania by checking all the information related to events that may impact the company’s economic and financial situation and its ability to fulfill its commercial responsibilities.

We have recently received such a certificate. It can be viewed here:


A company’s positive situation is certified through a specific logo displayed on its website, by using the licensed SafeSigned™ technology, which prevents unauthorized copying on other websites.

The certificate allows our local and international business partners to verify the existence of the company and the identity of our website and to ensure Netland Computers’ soundness and reputation from the point of view of the financial and commercial situation. Advantages for these partners include:

– Lower business risk

– Higher trust within business partnerships

– Easier, faster and less riskier business decision making.