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What is IT infrastructure?

Any modern company has an IT infrastructure that helps it run its activity. It consists of all the equipment and software solutions used to communicate and access data, both inside and outside the company. The infrastructure gives the organization the ability to deliver IT solutions and services to employees, partners, customers or the general public. It can include network equipment, servers, routers, modems, telephone exchanges, printing equipment, as well as related software: operating systems, collaborative applications, ERP, CRM solutions, communication and security software.

IT Services – How important are they?

Any interruption in the production flow or in the provision of services causes important loss. Similarly, the faulty design, or the improper implementation or configuration can lead to serious costs that accumulate over time. Hence the greatest importance of the quality of IT services that a company benefits from.


The flawless running of activities in a company depends more and more on the functionality of the technology on which it is based.

An approach looking towards the future

Our more than 25 years of experience in the field give us an overview of the range of IT solutions and services that we can offer for each project.

Partnerships with major technology vendors allow us to have access to the latest equipment.

We adapt the offered solutions to the needs of the companies that we work for, and we implement those that, in the medium and long term, prove to be the most cost-effective.


Netland solutions

Netland Computers cover the entire range of IT services, from designing, installing and configuring an infrastructure solution to providing maintenance and technical support. Our main concerns are efficiency and reliability, simplified data management, interoperability between departments, compliance with management policies and standards.


By outsourcing IT services to Netland, our customers receive consistent support to increase their business performance.

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We can help you discover an intelligent solution, suitable for your needs. But, in order to prove that this statement is true, we should first meet. Therefore,

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