Sponsors at the National Student Contest BUSINESS SIMULATOR

Between November 21 and 23, 2018, we participated as a sponsor, with our CISCO partner, at the National Student Contest “BUSINESS SIMULATOR – Managerial Education through Digital Education in the Academic Environment”, at the Petroleum Gas University of Ploiesti.

SimTeam is a business simulation platform that models the operations of a knowledge-based organization. It allows participants to understand the operational challenges of a company acting at full capacity. The software emulates a market where the management teams of different organizations are in competition.

In the above-mentioned competition there were teams of 5-6 students coming from the top universities in Romania, willing to understand the situation of an organization and to build business strategies, to plan strategic objectives, to work in a team, to effectively manage the changes and to take decisions under pressure.

SimTeam simulation environment is offered as SAS (software-as-service) by EXELO Training & Development, a training company that addresses the business solution development cycle through a combination of tools: Business Analysis, Project Management and Business Skills.

Netland Computers presented, to the participating students, an educational platform provided by its partner, CISCO. We are talking about Cisco Networking Academy, the tool that has changed the lives of 9.2 million students in 180 countries in 20 years, providing real opportunities for personal development, both in technology and entrepreneurship, as well as guidance for future careers. And in Romania, these courses can be followed both online (part of them for free), as well as within the 139 Cisco Academies in accredited education institutions. Over the 20 years since it has been active in Romania, Cisco Networking Academy has had more than 100,000 participating students, out of which 17,000 have completed a course aligned with a Cisco certification.

The objective of such an initiative is to offer students, in addition to various opportunities for education and personal development, a framework as close as possible to the actual situations in which they will evolve, once they will graduate. Therefore, SimTeam and NetAcad have proven to be two attractive, useful and inspirational tools.

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