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Dynamic content presented on indoor or outdoor displays, adapted to all conditions.

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage refers to the presentation of content (text, graphics, multimedia) by means of digital screens or displays, with the purpose of informing and persuading the close public. This communication vehicle is growing in importance and can be found in

  • public spaces (ex. informing or raising attention),
  • shops (ex. promoting products and services),
  • educational institutions (announcing or learning process),
  • means of transportation (guidance or urgencies),
  • factories (informing or educating),
  • hospitals, hotels or exhibitions.

The good news is that digital signage is now an affordable means of communication, even for small and medium companies.


In its role as a modern replacement for printing, digital signage presents dynamic content, easy to modify and update. Be it text (static or dynamic), graphics, photo or video, digital signage is attractive due to brightness and movement and therefore it captures public attention.

Well planned and intelligently built, digital signage solutions are more effective communicators at lower prices than classical means like printing. Not to mention environment friendliness.


Classic means of presentation and promotion are limited by space, surface or distances. Digital signage offers the opportunity to dynamically change the content within a given space, and this data can be instantaneously sent via internet, regardless of distance.

Types of digital signage

Dynamic content can be displayed on one or more screens, assembled in a video-wall. Outdoor solutions are built with high brightness, weatherproof displays. There are also lightweight, flexible displays, able to be mounted in concave or convex forms. Transparent displays have an apart visual effect, and high-performance projectors are the absolute solution for large surfaces. Digital signage can communicate both ways, having various applications, from interactive displays and whiteboards for education, up to info-kiosks.

Choosing the professional version

While assembling a digital signage solution, one is tempted to choose consumer displays, notably cheaper than the professional versions. Netland Computers recommends the latter. They provide higher rentability on medium and long term. Here are some of the advantages in choosing the professional versions:

  • they are built for 24/7 uptime, with reliable parts and continuous heat dissipation
  • they can be protected against external control
  • they can be easily adapted to various types of projects (modular integration, expandability, vertical mounting)
  • they have superior technical characteristics, starting from color depth and brightness up to visual angle and protection against surface burning due to stationary images
  • they have extended warranty.


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