Access to reliable technology, comfort in the business relationship, efficiency in investments, experience since 1996, confidence in operating the equipment and speed in response.

Teaming up with Netland Computers

You’ll have access to the latest technology, tailored to your real needs

Our partnerships with important technology vendors keep us updated with the latest solutions in all our areas of expertise. This way, you, our client, will have an extensive view upon a large range of options and the opportunity to choose, following our advice, the most appropriate solution to your needs.

A comfortable business relationship

It is easy and convenient to work with us. We don’t use a complicated technical language while consulting with you. When we’re implementing technology or software, we strive not to disturb the daily routine in the company’s workflow. There are benefits we put forward in our contractual agreements, in service conditions and in guarantee options. We understand your constraints and challenges, as our customer, and we strive to solve them in the best way possible.

Good return on investment

There are many situations when the costs associated with information technology can become a sensitive subject. What we can promise, acting as your supplier, is that, by means of our experience, we’ll offer the proper return on your investment. We’re not going for the cheapest solutions, but we choose the ones that, on medium and long term, prove to be the most profitable ones for you and your company. And we assume responsibility for it.


We are working in information technology since 1996, when the concept of World Wide Web was at the beginning and Google was just launched, as a research project. We followed, with passion, the dynamics in the adoption of every new technology and we brought it in to service our customers. This is why any potential project we’ll start together will benefit from the years we gathered in the IT industry, an experience we’ll gladly share with you.

Reliability and a fast response time

The most important quality in information technology? It’s reliability. This is why we enforce high quality standards, both in selecting the right equipment and in carefully installing and configuring it. The technology we implement can be easily and safely managed, since we also take care of training and support, maintenance and warranty. We hold ourselves accountable for everything we do, swiftly solving any operational difficulty that might occur. All these things are done so that you, our customer, can focus on the profitability of your business, leaving us in charge of the technology that supports it.

The conclusion?

Focus your energy on profitable business ideas. We’ll back you up with the technology you need. Completely.

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