IT Security

What is IT Security?

The IT security concept defines the implementation of the measures and systems designed to protect various information (personal or business-related data, voice conversations, images or video) against unauthorized access, fraudulent use, malfunction, alteration, destruction or content disclosure. The process involves various forms of technology developed to create, store, use and transmit such information. The goal of IT security is to preserve the value, confidentiality, integrity, accessibility, purpose and ability of information to perform the functions for which they were designed.

Threats and causes

It is easy to understand that, in order to implement and maintain an optimal level of IT security, this process should be approached with utmost seriousness. Information held by a company is a high responsibility and it must be properly protected. Business strategies, contracts, price structures, sensitive data of customers, partners, or employees are exposed to many threats that may come from both the outside and within the company’s network.

Nowadays, any organization has, on the one hand, a lot of customers, suppliers, employees and ultra-connected partners who need to access the required information anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of intelligent and sophisticated cyber attacks that, when they manage to find an IT security breach, are extremely harmful and cause irrecoverable damage.

Underestimated approach

IT security is no longer an option, but a necessity in the current context, with the Internet being omnipresent. Unfortunately, a regular user does not have the necessary experience for a proper protection, and companies often underestimate the threats on computer security. A breach in this area may cost a lot more than installing a protection system. Only 5% of the managers in Central and Eastern Europe consider that cyber-security risks are highly important, compared to the global average of 30%. Unfortunately, an approach of this kind has multiple causes: ignorance, lack of information, resistance to change, or misconception of the resources needed. But, in this case also, prevention is cheaper than healing, and those who understand this have a lot to gain.


Netland designs and implements IT security systems capable of protecting the IT infrastructure against both internal threats, such as information leaks, and external ones such as viruses, spam, malware, or identity theft. We are aware that our customer’s availability to allocate resources for IT security is limited. That is why we control the costs by involving our experience for over 20 years and we focus on priorities. With security systems in place, our customers know that information is protected and the employees’ work is safe and, therefore, is more productive.

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