Outsourced IT

Why outsource your IT?

The dynamics of information technology is growing exponentially, and this field is becoming more and more difficult to manage, especially in companies where the main field of activity is not technology. On the other hand, those who understand the importance of technology in developing their own company and manage to keep pace with its evolution have serious advantages over the competition. That’s why the solution of collaborating with a specialized company:

– eliminates many of the issues in operating an IT infrastructure

– is a competitive advantage with positive results in the productivity and profitability of the company beneficiary of these services.

The outsourced IT is an advantage for both management and employees, including those in the IT department, as the company benefits from:


Profitability in IT investments

The new economic reality raises the competitiveness standards and puts pressure on costs. Starting from the design and choice of IT equipment to commissioning and maintenance, the decisions and actions run can have a major impact on time, energy and money investments. And here, the experience of a specialized company is crucial. It also brings financial benefits through partnership relationships with various vendors, providing a wide range of solutions. Moreover, collaboration based on a contract between companies only involves the payment of the actual services rendered.

Extensive access to the expertise of IT specialists

When a project has to be implemented, the company can turn to its own IT department, but also to the information and expertise of external specialists, experienced in various projects and work areas.

Safe operation and fast response

The smooth operation of a company currently depends almost 100% on technology. Therefore, its reliability is essential, any difficulty in operation may highly affect the activity and, ultimately, the company’s profit. A contractual relationship that establishes responsibilities and guarantees response times greatly diminishes these risks.

Focus on the main field of activity

When everyone does what they do best, things work much safer and more cost-effective. Hence the urge to action addressed to our clients: “Focus your energy on profitable business ideas. We’ll back you up with the technology you need. Completely. ”

Outsourced IT solutions

Since 1996 Netland Computers has been working with companies of all sizes, and they found out that the outsourcing of some projects or the entire IT department has had real benefits. With qualified IT support, they are more competitive in a technology-oriented environment.

Whether you own a small business or a big company, we can provide you with the necessary IT support in two forms:

– as an outsourced IT department covering the entire spectrum of services

– as an extension of the current IT team for special projects or additional expertise.


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