Researchers’ Night 2023

A couple of days ago we had the privilege to participate again in a wonderful event: the Night of European Researchers, edition 2023. It was truly a special evening, dedicated not only to children and students, but also to parents and teachers passionate about the world of science, technology and research. The joy of being part of this workshop dedicated to curious minds was all the greater as we met again with the hosts and other participants, after two years of the pandemic, in the presence of a very large number of children and young people. We were simply overwhelmed…

The event took place on September 29, 2023, at the Prahova County Museum of Natural Sciences, starting at 5:00 p.m. The generous space of the main lobby has been transformed into a real knowledge center, equipped with interactive stands and engaging activities. From experiments in the fields of botany, mineralogy and petroleum, to automotive technology and robotics, every participant had something fascinating to discover.

We, the Netland Computers team, had the opportunity to present digital tools for education, such as interactive monitors and educational software. Specifically, visitors to the stand interacted with applications such as mozaBook and mozaWeb, which complement the usual tools of the educational process with simulations, 3D animations, presentations, manuals and online tests. The information provided in this workshop helped the participants to understand the phenomena, notions or processes presented. The integrated applications really aroused the interest of those present, as evidenced by the fact that the interactive screens were permanently occupied throughout the event.

Our workshop has grown in attractiveness thanks to the presence of Professor Adrian Mehedinți, a real expert in the field of digital education, Gold mozaLearn ICT Expert accredited trainer. He demonstrated how these tools can accelerate the learning process by interacting with the audience and providing practical examples. It was really engaging for the students, and many of them spent a long time in front of the interactive monitor, learning and discovering with Professor Mehedinți.

We also enjoyed another special presence: our traditional partner, Wacom. They have brought to the public equipment with truly impressive educational applications. We are referring here to complex graphics tablets, which have emphasized how important graphics and handwriting are in the digital age. These tablets can be integrated with common Microsoft applications such as Whiteboard or Office to show that there is no difficulty in using them. On the contrary, their adoption is natural and the user experience resembles that of writing on paper.

The highlight of the evening was the raffle in which the special prize was offered by us, in collaboration with our partner Wacom: a ”One by Wacom” graphics tablet.

The Night of European Researchers is an extraordinary initiative supported by the European Commission and has been enthusiastically received by the public since its first edition in 2005. This special night has had an undeniable impact due to its innovative nature, transforming science and technology into accessible fields for all. It is an event that aligns with one of our core beliefs – that access to education, science and technology is essential to the development of society. We strive to contribute to this effort at every opportunity, and the Night of the Researchers was one of those opportunities.

We hope that we made the participants feel as excited as we were and that they discovered the benefits of a special experience. Thanks to everyone who participated and made the Night of the Researchers a wonderful event!

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