We support BookLand Association’s project – “Together we BUILD people”

This summer, Netland Computers has joined the “Together we BUILD people” project carried out by BookLand Association. We answered affirmatively to a collaboration proposal that resonates with our own creed, that of supporting education. And the rural environment in Romania, on which the project focuses, is in real need of that. Children in this environment should therefore follow their dreams and plans with more courage. And we at Netland can help them achieve that.

It is one of the situations where the determination of the private sector has the power to change things for the better in the field of education, doing this in a record time and a lot more cost-effectively. Yes, education is a permanent subject in the thoughts and words of Romanians. But there are also good people, like those from BookLand, who take action.

Before renovation

Netland and BookLand resonated from the start … most likely the similar names helped in the process. ???? Both companies support children’s chance to have a better education, and renovating rural schools is an extraordinary idea. We are thus faithful to our creed, that a contribution to the education of the young generation is the best gesture that can be done for them to have a better life.

After renovation

All children in the villages and communes of our country have the right to education in modern conditions, and that will feed their appetite for learning. That’s why we do everything possible to renovate their schools, because in the countryside one can find a priceless treasure: these wonderful children who can change the future and the image of Romania!” said Mădălina Mocanu, Director of Marketing & Communication at BookLand, when we first met.

Netland also wants to be an ambassador of BookLand’s mission and a promoter of supporting education. That is why we’ll continue this initiative by urging our clients, partners and collaborators to consider, in turn, supporting any action that helps poor communities to have access to education and, implicitly, to a better future.

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