A Beautiful Christmas workshop

At the end of a year filled with ups and downs, going through a period full of challenges but also of revelations, how else to prepare for the Holidays than in an … unconventional way.

When we found out that our friends from Chic Fleuriste decided to continue the tradition of the Beautiful Christmas Workshop (even in difficult circumstances) we thought of giving them a helping hand. So we got involved in the process with what we know best: technology.

The event took place on Saturday, 19.12.20, in our meeting room, which became a studio and workshop. People who attended elaborated, in the comfort and safety of their own home, the most chic Christmas decoration, from the elements sent in time, by courier, by the Chic Fleuriste team. Netland’s role – to facilitate, through technology, the communication with the participants, so that distance would not be a problem, and they could look and understand correctly and completely the recommendations of Laura Drăghici, the initiator of the Workshop.

“Let’s all leave the microphones open so we can feel like we’re in the same room!” This was, from the beginning, the reaction of the participants. Said and done. Along with the one-way captured sound, in order to avoid possible unwanted noises, the two video cameras managed to reproduce in detail all of Laura’s gestures, and the atmosphere gradually turned into a festive one. The large frames alternated with detailed footage, so the interaction was natural, facilitated by Poly Studio technology and the Newline interactive monitor.

“After so many weeks of stress, I really needed a moment to relax. Thanks!” – this was the reaction from one of the participants, and it brought a smile to everyone’s face. So we all realized how much we need social interaction, beauty and joy in our lives.

Even if the Beautiful Christmas Workshop # 7, broadcasted online to facilitate remote participation, was a success this year as well, next year we want the technology to be dedicated exclusively to broadcasting to those who can not attend the live event. Because the smell of fir and gingerbread, the smiles on the faces of the participants and the joy in their eyes, when everyone has finished their work of art, this is what we wish, in a real space and in a year when things will return to normal.

2021 in good health and happiness!

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