A Quarter of a Century Active in Technology

Yes, Netland is 25 years old. We could say that we celebrate the silver wedding with technology. Or a quarter of a century of passion in IT. Anyway, if we look back, we enjoyed wonderful experiences and a constant evolution, alongside our customers. And if we look at our webpage with their logos, we can be proud – their number and size have grown steadily over the years.

We traveled through the 25 years at high speed – it seems like yesterday when we were a small company assembling and selling computers, and the internet was just another … notion. The evolution of technology has also kept us going in speed, and we are proud that we have kept up with it and that we are able to offer now, at maturity, the most modern and effective solutions to our customers. How did we succeed? Out of passion, of course. We like what we do and we gladly come to work. It may sound unusual, but often the working hours seem to be dedicated to a hobby …

And yes, we thank them, our customers and our partners, for trusting both our company and the technical solutions we’ve come up with over time. And for counting on the people in Netland, the team. Here’s the promise we’re making: we are here for them, so that the IT infrastructure of their companies works flawlessly. And we support this statement because, along with passion and know-how, we now offer them a serious experience, accumulated in the last quarter of a century.

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