BAR CODES – Outsourced services

Bar code systems are the most widely used solutions for identifying raw materials, parts and subassemblies, as well as for tracking production processes. They are also used in other fields, such as medicine, transportation, education or commerce.

In the area of industrial production, the processes of printing the labels and applying them are provided, most of the time, by own staff. These operators have the task of initiating and following the implementation of the process, usually at the end of the production lines. Such an activity can be difficult and complex, not to mention that potentially it can generate errors.

In a recent case study, a large production company calculated the times that these operators allocate to various operations related to bar code label printing. The study concluded that outsourcing these services to specialized companies is more cost-effective. The costs are thus reduced due to defragmentation of processes, economies of scale, elimination of interruptions, choice of those variants that offer maximum efficiency, as well as due to the know-how and experience of the factors involved in the process. In addition, the costs of purchasing and maintaining printing equipment are eliminated.

There are also other situations where you can save money by working with a company specialized in bar code label printing. For example, in companies that need labels in small series or in multiple dimensional variants, context in which the purchase of a specialized printer is not justified. In other cases, it is necessary to use special labels (which can withstand difficult weather conditions, for example) and for which know-how in choosing and applying is needed. There are also situations where label printing requires permanent supervision, in order to avoid mistakes and rejects – eg. when printing special or small labels.

For decision makers in companies that print and use bar code labels, calculating the profitability of this process can reveal potential savings if one uses the outsourced version. This variant is offered by Netland Computers, at competitive prices, with its own equipment.

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