In the interest of education

This year we continued the tradition of helping the humanitarian organization Concordia and we focused on the direct needs of children. The donation we made was capitalized by purchasing supplies and other objects needed in the educational process.

We are thus still faithful to our belief that a contribution to the education of the young generation is the best gesture that can be made to reduce poverty and increase living standards. That’s why we resonate with the Concordia organization, which has been helping poor communities, for over 30 years, through family-dedicated homes, day care centers, schools and social housing. There are over 2,000 people assisted in this way each year, and Concordia needs partners in order to sustain this effort.

“We are happy every time we see a sponsor return. Netland has become a friend of Concordia, by understanding how important it is for us to know that we have someone to rely on, over time, ”said Valentina Ion, Prahova Program Director.

We are also pleased to see that the digital tools for education that we have previously provided for Concordia are constantly being used and used by pedagogues, in their teaching processes, as well as by children, who enjoy the various facilities offered by those equipments.

Netland also wants to be an ambassador for the Concordia mission – to support and assist the social, family, school and professional integration of children, young people and families in need, and their orientation towards an independent and autonomous life. That is why we urge our customers, partners and collaborators to consider, in turn, supporting this organization in the social responsibility initiatives they will have from now on.

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