Established in 1991 in Campina, Lemet, a manufacturer of furniture, is a modern, solid and promising Romanian business that has 10 fully automated production lines as well as a vast distribution network of their manufactured products that includes over 100 stores, of which 70 are Lem’s franchises.

About the Company:

  • Occupied area: 41,000 Sq m of factory floor
  • Number of employees: over 800
  • Turnover (2016): 125 million RON


Câmpina, county of Prahova

Current situation:

In order to support the continuous development of the business, Lemet relied on a strong technological infrastructure; its success also benefited from the investment of several million Euros in equipment and machinery, as well as in computer technology. Their own hardware infrastructure, virtualized and managed with Microsoft technology, has been developed alongside an ERP solution, together with Microsoft Office as a suite of productivity and collaboration.


The analysis made by Lemet’s IT team and Netland Computers, as a result of the increase in activity and the number of users, underlined the implications of migrating to Office 365, its advantages being quickly understood. The most important were lower costs and high availability of resources.

The decision was to change the Microsoft product licensing model and to focus on Cloud and Office 365. Netland provided the assistance for the whole process, from analyzing the resource requirements, designing the solution, purchasing equipment and services, until migrating, configuring and start of production.

Subsequently, together with Lemet’s IT team, users, domains, access rights were added, licenses were allocated and staff was trained to use the new facilities. Solutions were found to all the incompatibilities or small errors always present in such a transition, so that the whole team could successfully embrace the new technology.

“We are a company large enough to afford using the latest technology, but flexible enough to quickly adopt a modern style of work. The cloud has determined us not only to reduce costs, but also to find new ways to make people’s work more efficient and to improve the way we do business” Daniel Badila, Manager of Lemet’s IT Department, said.

Implemented solutions:

The set of implemented solutions includes:

  • 150 Office 365 users
  • 35 sets of Office 365 Business Essentials for the employees in the field
  • defining workgroups in SharePoint Online, with 5 or 10 GB of storage space for each user
  • Implementation of other Office 365 facilities for mobility and collaboration.


  • Migration to Cloud, with 20% discount in costs
  • Additional functionalities for storage, collaboration, and administration
  • Fast and uninterrupted migration of internal processes, assisted by Netland
  • Higher mobility and collaboration, simplifying work for the teams in the field
  • Flexibility and control
  • Simplified infrastructure management, 25% time gain for own IT team.

Project partners:

Microsoft Romania


  • Extended use of Skype for Business for video collaboration with the employees in the territory, for training and even for hiring.
  • Updating the number of licenses and their associated options, as needed, according to the further development of the company.



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