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School started and, with it, the concern about education. In a world where youth training is a pervasive challenge, hardware and software solutions for education make it easier for teachers to work, increase the attractiveness of the taught subjects, involve students more, and bring satisfaction to their parents.

MozaBook complements the usual tools of the educational process through simulations, 3D animations, presentations, manuals and online tests. The information transmitted in this way helps understand the presented phenomena, concepts or processes, and the integrated applications develop skills and illustrate phenomena through the virtual lab, boosting students’ interest and facilitating the teaching of these concepts.

Why mozaBook?

  • It is an easy-to-use educational software and it is based on intuition, being developed based on the feedback received from teachers and students.
  • It can be shared, providing access to notebooks or worksheets created by other users.
  • It’s versatile, the users may create their own digital textbooks, with interactive content downloaded also from the media library.
  • It’s complex, with over 1000 interactive 3D animations, audio files and hundreds of video tutorials.
  • It’s flexible, it can be run on a computer, tablet, or cell phone.
  • It’s multilingual, the content is also available in Romanian.

mozaBook is a software for education available to both students and teachers. They can develop their worksheets, customized tests, or their own digital handbooks, built from scratch or from the textbooks already in electronic format. Integrated applications allow, for example, working in a virtual lab and developing various skills. Teachers can create online homework and they can upload their notebooks created in mozaBook to their mozaWeb account, in order to open them from any other computer.

Here are some video presentations of the mozaBook Educational Package:

Netland Computers offers free demonstrations for implementing a hardware and software solution for education using an interactive monitor, a laptop and mozaBook software.

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