IT security, starting from email

Any active person who opens the email nowadays has a slight discomfort. In most cases, the inbox is overwhelmed with spam and the identification of important or useful communications takes time that has become increasingly precious.

Growing Threats

Statista Portal estimates the number of spam to 61.25% of all mail sent globally in September 2016. Of these emails, 2.5% contain a dangerous attachment. 2016 is the year in which over 215 billion emails were sent daily. A person working with a computer receives, on average, over 120 emails per day. All these figures are growing exponentially.

How careful can you be, and how patient, to eliminate unwanted or dangerous mail? Who can guarantee that a link accessed by a company employee out of curiosity will not put the whole organization at risk?


Barracuda Solutions

Fortunately, there are answers and solutions to these questions. For example, Barracuda equipment. Under this “threatening” name there are many affordable and easy-to-use hardware and software solutions. They completely protect an organization’s email infrastructure against spam and viruses by inspecting and filtering the content of messages, both for the incoming and outgoing mail. This also prevents leakage of sensitive or confidential information.

Comprehensive coverage

But besides e-mail protection, the portfolio of Barracuda Networks includes security solutions for web applications or peer-to-peer applications such as instant messaging, network access, backup and data protection. Once a complex IT security system is installed, an organization gains not only in terms of security but also by increasing the efficiency of the work of those using the technology.

FREE Security Audit

As a BarracudaNetworks partner, Netland Computers offers you a free security audit of your organization’s IT infrastructure. In this way, you will be able to know exactly the vulnerabilities of the equipment, information and applications you have, and you will be aware of the potential solutions you can benefit from.

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