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Compact and robust, with low power consumption and multiple interconnection options, a Shuttle equipment is the ideal solution for professional IT applications. These PCs are characterized by sophisticated cooling systems, which ensure reliability and low noise in places where 24/7 operation is required, under special conditions. These are equipments that are successfully used for applications in industry, POS, digital display, health, education but also in the office.


In difficult work environments where reliability is an important factor, people choose Shuttle products. Fanless mini-PCs for production applications and logistics centers can be used in a variety of situations. Shuttle also offers robust technology for interconnected control cabinets with multiple inputs and outputs, as well as versions with excellent computing performance for real-time requests in the area of ​​image recognition and data capture. Box-PC, Edge, XPC Slim or all-in-one products are perfect for these applications.


Purchasing a POS system is often a significant capital investment for a store-keeper. However, with the Shuttle All-in-One PCs, in the desired configuration, considerable savings are made, including due to low power consumption. With the tilting pedestal and standard mounting bracket, this equipment can be installed almost anywhere. And the new IP54-compatible models are now even more robust. Maximum flexibility in choosing hardware and software allows you to create a POS solution that exactly meets your requirements.


Digital advertising screens, information monitors and electronic signs are now an integral part of everyday life. Shuttle offers the right equipment for every scenario, but also a wide range of operating systems. All these compact machines are characterized by their robust design. They range from ultra-high-performance models with countless ports and connections to low-power, fanless devices that run continuously. The high-strength steel from which the housings are made, as well as operation on a wide temperature spectrum allow their installation even in the most difficult environments.


It is important to be able to work in an office without disturbances and distracting noises. And a Shuttle slim XPC is the ideal companion at work – it stays discreet in the background, but is able to take action whenever needed. These PCs have a wide range of processors – for example, power-saving dual-core Intel Celeron models or extremely powerful Intel Core i9 models. Likewise, they can be configured with 4 GB of memory, if they are enough, but also with 64 GB if speed is needed. And whatever the requirements for data storage or network connections, with Shuttle you can configure the right model.


When it comes to IT for the education sector, the emphasis should be on features that promote a pleasant learning and working environment. The extensive Shuttle product range includes quiet computers running quietly in the background – ideal for reading rooms and classrooms. On the other hand, Shuttle also supplies powerful solutions for all types of environments, with the needed standard monitor ports, for the use of electronic whiteboards or projectors.


For applications in this area, Shuttle has developed touchscreen PCs that are easy to clean and have the right colors for medical offices. In addition, fanless mini-PCs for examination rooms and laboratories, as well as low-power solutions (for example, for mobile examination trolleys) are available in various versions. Working closely with experienced partners, Shuttle’s range expands with intelligent systems for medical applications.


Shuttle’s fully configured mini-PCs are the first choice for many system integrators looking for high reliability and equipment quality. The ability to fulfill these demands comes from the application of the TQM (Total Quality Management) principles that the company strictly implements, working with state-of-the-art production technologies. Last but not least, Shuttle is dedicated to protecting the environment and preventing its pollution, with energy conservation being a key feature integrated into its products.

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