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A Single Point of Contact

Today, companies are increasingly assailed by changes, challenges and threats, data and information being vital to their operation. In this context, they search for solutions that offer a secure and complete process of management and backup, but also productivity to users, who need to quickly access information and documents, in any situation they may be. Ideally, they look for an integrated solution that includes storage, software applications and cloud access from the same manufacturer. This solution exists, and it comes from Synology, through NAS (Network Attached Storage) technology.

100% Ownership of Your Data

With Synology Drive, you can turn a Synology NAS into your private cloud, with 100% ownership of the data, at zero extra cost. You will thus have a portal for all files, greatly simplifying collaboration, by synchronizing files in real time on various platforms. You’ll always have online access to the data stored in the Workgroup Files, but also in your personal space. Access and share files at any time with a browser or with the Synology Drive mobile app. Today, 1.1 million active users store more than 310 billion files, with a total volume of 1260+ PB in Synology Drive.

Easy and Secure Collaboration

Synology Office helps to simultaneously work with others on the same documents, spreadsheets, or various files to increase productivity while keeping your information safe. One can also benefit from other applications, such as Synology MailPlus, which easily manages the email archives of all users, or Synology Chat, for communication within the team through encrypted messages that can be forwarded, saved and scheduled.

Centralized Backup for Windows PC and Server

With Active Backup for Business (ABB), you can manage backup tasks for physical and virtual environments with a single centralized dashboard, to keep your data and services always available. ABB supports global deduplication and incremental backup technologies to significantly minimize the amount of storage space and bandwidth required. Easily keep entire fleets of systems protected with global profiles.

Seamless Synchronization

Synology Drive ShareSync allows you to sync files in real time, making sure there is always a secure backup version on a remote Network Attached Storage (NAS). In the meantime, the host can collect and distribute data to all connected clients while synchronizing, enabling efficient collaboration between users. Moreover, with Cloud Sync you effortlessly connect your Synology NAS to a public cloud provider to synchronize important data, leveraging the benefits of both platforms.

Enterprise Level Storage

The Synology eco-system has high-performance storage units at its core. They guarantee speed, security and reliability for long-term operation. For example, the Synology HAT5300 HDD offers top performance due to its tight integration with DiskStation Manager and Synology hardware. With over 400,000 hours of internal testing for validation and backed by a 5-year warranty, the HAT5300 series offers unmatched reliability for Synology implementations.

Elegant, Simple, Safe and Reliable

Trusted by some of the best and brightest minds in the IT industry, with over six million installations, Synology is transforming the way businesses manage and secure their data, wherever access is needed. It adapts to the needs and situations that exist in companies, but also to the exponential growth of the amount of information in the digital world. For any project in data management, backup, surveillance, network infrastructure and many other applications, Synology is the elegant, simple, secure and reliable solution.


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