Towards a new age in education, through technology

As an important player in the information technology market in Prahova County, Netland Computers wants to make its contribution to raising the level of education through the digital tools it provides for schools and various other specialized institutions. In this regard, we are assisting those teachers who are open to work with modern solutions in the educational process.

Therefore we have celebrated Santa Claus in a less conventional way. On Thursday, December 6th , 2018 we were alongside Prof. Adrian Mehedinţi, who offered his presentation titled “Digital Teaching Tools and their Integration in the Educational Process” in the Great Hall of the Teaching Staff House of Prahova County. The methodical-scientific activity was addressed to all teachers open to new approaches in the educational process, those who understood that the work of teachers could be facilitated and catalyzed by such tools.

Mr. Mehedinti’s choice was mozaBook Classroom, the digital education tool that he is currently using in teaching. MozaBook is a software solution that complements and optimizes the learning process through simulations, 3D animations, presentations, manuals and tests that can be run online. Pupils understand the phenomena, the notions or the different processes more easily, and the teaching line, whether math, physics, chemistry, history, geography or biology, becomes more attractive and easier to understand. Integrated applications develop pupils’ skills, and they can use various tools, including virtual laboratories.

The presentation was conducted on an interactive Newline monitor, a tool that accelerates the teaching process and provides an exciting experience for both teachers and students. The multi-touch screen provides complex interactivity and features, ranging from controlling various commands to introducing texts, manual drawings, or graphics.

The event was indeed interactive, with teachers showing high interest in these modern teaching tools. One topic was that younger generations are digitally oriented, and much of their day-to-day work takes place anyway in such environments. Education naturally follows this trend, so it is expected that in the years to come the importance of technology in the classroom will grow exponentially.

The conclusion of the meeting? Those who will adopt these tools as soon as possible will increase the attractiveness and efficiency of the educational process, with direct results in student performance. Therefore, Netland Computers is alongside teachers to facilitate the transition to this new stage in education.

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