Spectrum School Ploiești

The Organization:

International School Spectrum Ploiești is part of Lumina Educational Institutions group, which includes the ICHB and ICHC high schools, as well as the Spectrum schools in Bucharest, Constanta, Iași and Cluj. Spectrum Ploieşti is a private education center offering a new and modern alternative to state institutions, due to experience, quality and seriousness in approaching the educational process. Primary and secondary classes benefit from a modern material base, experienced teachers and follow an extended program across a wide range of disciplines.

Data about the educational institution:

Year of establishment / accreditation: 2010/2017

Number of students: 152

Number of classes: 10

Number of teachers and employees: 27/38


Strada Înfrăţirii nr. 4, Ploiești, Prahova County

Existing situation:

The school had two interactive tables (one in the primary, the other in the gymnasium cycle), used to carry out some lessons that could operate with facilities offered by this type of instrument. As the number of students increased and, implicitly, the number of classes (with a maximum of 18 pupils per class), a need to purchase new interactive tables appeared.

Meantime, the field of digital education tools has evolved to a new level – one belonging to interactive monitors, which offer superior experience and a complex set of facilities.


In the first phase, Spectrum International School Ploiesti purchased a 65-inch 10-point multi-touch interactive Newline monitor. Once the students and teachers began working with this monitor, the results were immediate, and the school’s management decided to purchase a total of 7 interactive displays, in order to equip most of the labs and classrooms.

“Our students reacted extraordinary. We did not expect them to get so involved in capitalizing on the facilities offered by these monitors. Since they are children of the digital era, they surpassed their teachers, because it seemed more natural for them to go through lessons in this way. Our teachers are now training in this program, because they have realized how much such modern digital tools make their work easier ” said Mr. Çakar Fehmi, manager of the Spectrum Ploieşti School.

Appropriate software solutions have been installed on this hardware infrastructure, to capitalize on all the facilities provided. We’re talking about the acquisition of licenses for mozaBook CLASSROOM, a program that complements the usual tools of the educational process through simulations, 3D animations, presentations, manuals and online tests. The pupils were attracted by the fact that this information is easier to understand, because a lot of phenomena or processes are presented, and teachers have been able to capitalize on various facilities, including virtual laboratories.

In Stage 2, 52 mozaBook STUDENT licenses for children have been purchased. They now have individual access from their own device (tablet or computer), in class or at home, to more than 1000 interactive 3D animations, audio files, video tutorials, but also to the lessons taught in class. Teachers can then send them work sheets, homework or customized tests that students can solve online. It is thus possible to constantly monitor the evolution of children and to provide reports on their activity.

In cooperation with Netland Computers, Spectrum Ploieşti International School has confirmed, by using these modern teaching instruments, that it follows the evolution towards a digital world and that it keeps a high standard in the educational process. It is expected that the project will continue in the coming years, granting technology the right importance in the classroom.

Implemented solutions:

  • 7 Newline interactive monitors
  • mozaBook Classroom Licenses for Teachers
  • mozaWeb Premium Pack licenses for students


  • Improved educational process through simulations, 3D animations, presentations, manuals and online tests
  • Facilitated teachers’ work by increasing the attractiveness of the teaching line and, implicitly, the attention and involvement of the students
  • Ease in highlighting and tracking the work of teachers and pupils.
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